Payment Plan Information

  • No financial statments required under $300,000

  • Software Only Programs

    Established businesses can lease up to $100,000 of generic or customized off the shelf software.
  • Flexibility in used equipment

  • No age restrictions on used equipment

  • Startup programs

    We require fair credit scores, industry experience and a reasonable amount of cash flow to start your business.
  • Partial/Progress Payments

    The vendor must qualify. Structures of 50/50 or 100% are available.
  • 90 Day Deferred Payments

    If you don't expect your equipment to begin generating positive cash flow for a period of time we can defer your first payment up to 90 days allowing you to generate income.
  • Seasonal Payment Plans

    For businesses that experience cash flow fluctuations due to season business cycles, this plan will allow you to match your payments with the revenues generated from the equipment. Types of organizations that utilize this plan are educational, recreational or agricultural.
  • Step-Up & Step-Down Programs

    These plans are set up with payments that either increase or decrease over the lease term. Step up leases increase over the life of the lease and are ideal for businesses with steep curves or that are in a growth phase. Step down leases decrease over the course of the lease and allow you to minimize your financial charges.
  • Annual & Semi-Annual Programs

    Under certain circumstances, we can allow you to make a payment just once a year. This is a popular alternative for some government entities or municipalities.
  • Operating Leases

    This is the type of lease to use with equipment that can provide for advancements in technology. The lessor will usually take more of the risk of ownership in this type of lease which allows for a lower monthly payment in the terms of the lease agreement. There are some tax benefits to this type of lease which means that the lease is not documented as an asset or liability.
  • Standard $1.00, 10% & FMV Programs

    This is a true lease that is recognized by the IRS as a rental agreement. Monthly payments are fully tax deductible.
  • Terms

    Ranging from 12 to 72 months.
  • Franchises

    Our Franchise Program provides financing for established franchisees of regional or national franchisors. Particular emphasis is placed on the strength of the franchise concept, experience of the applicant, and evidence of the cash flow necessary to meet business and personal needs.
  • Working Capital Loans

    Unsecured working capital loans up to $100,000. Very easy to qualify with fixed terms from 6-24 months.
  • Retail Merchant Cash Advances up to $250,000

    This is perfect for retail businesses. Get a cash lump sum now, just sell a small % of future credit card receipts. 'Micro' payments adjust to your daily cash flow. No other collateral required.
  • Accounts Receivable (A/R) Factoring

    A factoring line of credit may provide you with the cash flow boost you need to grow your sales. Your line of credit 'floats' and grows as your business grows so you'll never be constrained by your own success.
  • Business Loans

    Up to $100,000 without any income verification. Over $100,000 requires full financials. Terms range from 12-60 months.